Nutrition & Supplement Programs

Lindsay is a world-renowned bodybuilder and fitness competitor with years of experience in nutrition and training. She designs nutrition and supplement programs according to her clients goals. Every client is different, therefore, no two programs are identical. To achieve your ideal beach body diet, she takes into consideration:

  • Current Eating Habits
  • One’s Lifestyle
  • Career
  • Medical Problems
  • Ability to Workout
  • Desire to Workout
  • Type of Workouts
  • Workout Intensity
  • Metabolism
  • Daily Calories Burned


All nutrition, supplement programs and beach body diets provide the following:

  • Foods and Portion Sizes Per Meal
  • Calories Consumed In Each Meal
  • Total Protein, Carbs, and Fat Per Meal
  • Calories of Protein, Carbs, and Fat Per Day
  • Percent of Protein, Carbs, and Fat Per Day
  • Vitamin and Mineral Amounts Per Meal
  • Grocery List of Items on Meal Plan
  • Supplements
  • Supplement Schedule


Nutrition services are available by email or regular mail for those individuals who are not local.