Training Programs & Contest Prep

Lindsay designs workout programs and weight loss training for individuals according to their goals and time available. These programs include meal prep bodybuilding, fat loss and muscle building. More advanced clients prefer to purchase a weekly program to perform on their own time. This works out well with clients who have trained with Lindsay for a few months and have learned her training style and techniques. She also designs workout programs for clients to follow on a weekly basis if the client wants to workout at another facility.

Whether you’re looking for bodybuilding meal prep, weight loss trainer or a beach body diet, Lindsay will deliver a customized program for you to achieve your goals.

All training and cardiovascular programs provide the following:

  • Type of Exercise
  • Sets per Exercise
  • Repetitions for Each Set
  • Rest Between Sets
  • Frequency of Workouts
  • Duration of Workout
  • Recovery Times
  • Type of Cardio
  • Frequency of Cardio
  • Length of Cardio

Program design is available by email or regular mail for those individuals who are not local.