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Lindsay specializes in contest preparation for bodybuilders, fitness, and figure athletes. She has nutrition and training experience with IFBB Pro level bodybuilders and fitness competitors. She can assist you in the muscle gaining phase, fat loss, loading and meal prep bodybuilding. She will teach you how to prepare like a pro and how to look like one on stage! Please contact Lindsay for rates and appointments. Only serious inquiries please. Meal prep bodybuilding services are available by email or regular mail for those competitors who are not local for Lindsay’s Houston Personal Training. All bodybuilding and fitness competitors must have recent photos to email and must email Lindsay updated photos every two to three weeks up to competition.

Nutrition and supplement design for competitors will need to be updated every three to four weeks into a competition. Body fat testing and photographs are necessary to make sure goals are being met at the desired rate. The nutrition, supplement, training, and cardiovascular program will change every few weeks to ensure that goals are met. Lindsay will have direct contact with you by phone and email throughout your competition and meal prep bodybuilding phase.

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