Presentation & Appearance


Lindsay will teach you:

  • Order of events
  • What to expect while on stage
  • How to hold your physique when on stage
  • How to present your physique during quarter turns
  • How to walk with confidence
  • Choreography for bodybuilding and fitness
  • Mandatory Moves and Poses




LindsayIt is extremely critical that a competitor present a physique that has a dark and even skin tone. The stage lights are so strong that they will wash out your color. In order to present your most muscular and lean physique, you should try to get as dark as possible. Tanning the skin with sunless lotion and tanning dyes will bring out a deep, dark, and even skin tone.

Lindsay will teach you about tanning products and application:

  • What tanning products to purchase
  • How to apply tanning products
  • When to apply tanning products
  • How much and how often to apply

Lindsay will assist you in:

  • Where to go for custom made suits
  • Choosing your routine outfit
  • Choosing two piece and one piece suits
  • Make-up and hair presentation



Your make up should be done for stage presence. This means that you will be wearing more than everyday make up. You can use eyeliner, fake eyelashes, lip liner, lipstick, blush, and even glitter to present a feminine look. Your make up should have a “caked on” appearance up close, but when under the lighting it will look normal. The lighting will cast shadows that will make your cheeks appear more sunken in when your body fat is low. The judges may mark you down as looking emaciated or less healthy if this is really apparent. This is especially true with female competitors. The judging criterion in some associations states that any athlete with an emaciated look will be marked down. The goal is to present a package that is lean, full, and healthy looking.

It is just as important to make sure that your hair is done in a manner that will allow you to present your physique without covering your upper body. You must be able to push your hair to the side when presenting your back poses and push it to the back to present you front and side poses. If this is not possible, wear your hair up to prevent it from covering any of your muscles.

Lindsay recommends having your hair and make up professionally done prior to a competition, so that you are familiar with how to do it. You should practice several times before the competition so that you are efficient and comfortable with applying it yourself. If you cannot apply your own make up, then hire assistance to come backstage with you before the prejudging and the night show. The association regulations usually state that if you have a professional make up artist working with you back stage, that individual must also help other competitors while she is back there. Contact the promoter to find out the specific regulations prior to a competition.